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October 2019  Institutes for Public Leadership, 2020 Census, Voter Registration Activity

Special Voter Supplement About Lead in Drinking Water

September 2019 Women's Equality Day, Lead Poison Study, 2020 Census, Constitutional Amendments

August 2019 Women's Equality Day, Lead Poison Study

July 2019 100 Anniversary Planning, Annual Meeting, volunteer opportunities

May 2019 Annual meeting May 21, residential appraisals, SOS lawsuit, facebook use

April 2019 Voter registration efforts, Annual meeting plans, Industry and desal talk, ranked choice voting

March 2019 Meeting, registration, and equal pay day plans

February 2019 Lobby Days, Voter Rights and Election Laws, Volunteer Opportunities, Board Opportunities

January 2019 Voter Legislative Update, DVR Training, Lobby Days

November 2018 Voter October Forum, November Lunch, 100th Anniversary, Bylaws

October 2018 Voter Forums, Voter Registration efforts, Lead study, Bonds

September 2018 Voter Bond propositions, Candidate Forums, Get out the Youth Vote, Volunteer Opportunities

August 2018 Voter Disability Voter Registration Week, Planning for 2020 Celebration, Events for upcoming election and registration season

July 2018 Voter Voter registration events, annual meeting highlights, July luncheon with Disability Rights Texas

May 2018 Voter Annual Meeting, Upcoming Elections, State Convention, Student Intern

April 2018 Voter May Annual Meeting, March Meeting with Former County Commissioner, Serving the City, Straw Man

March 2018 Voter Equal Pay Day, Planning Meeting, Consuming News, Financial Planning

February 2018 Voter Candidate Forum, League Records to Special Collections, Legislative Priorities

January 2018 Voter PAVP Grant success story, upcoming candidate forums, Complete Streets membership lunch presentation in January


November 2017 Voter November Meeting on education, Voter Services Help Wanted, Fake News, PAVP Grant Update

October 2017 Voter Voter Registration Day, PAVP Grant, Social Media, Early Voting Info

September 2017 Voter National Voter Registration Day, Social Media Use, PAVP Grant

August 2017 Voter Fall Plans, Constitutional Amendments, Fake News, Voter Protection Grant

July 2017 Voter New Officers, New Members, Important Dates

May 2017 Voter Forum follow-up, nominating committee suggestions, by-law updates

April 2017 Voter Mayor forum information, Equal Pay Day event, Texas LWV president visit, annual meeting planning

March 2017 Planning Meeting Notes, upcoming events, calls for action and help

February 2017 Lobby Days, Vote Centers Update, Voting Rights Issues, Planning for the next year

January 2017 Holiday Meeting recap, upcoming Legislative Lobby Days


November/December 2016 Voter Services updates, Election Results, November Lunch meeting recap

October 2016 Forums, Voting Locations

September 2016 National Voter Registration Day, Candidate Forum Plans

August 2016 Voter ID information, drinking water study

July 2016 Voting Centers, A Year at a Glance, member profile

May 2016 April Planning Meeting, Runoff Information, Proposed Amendments to Bylaws

April 2016 Primary Runoff Voting Information, State Convention, Secretary of State Visit

March 2016 Primary Runoff Voting Information, League Voter ID Lawsuit, City Board Vacancies

February 2016 Primary Candidate Forums, Important Voter information, Upcoming Events, January Meeting on Streets Committee

January 2016 Primary Candidate Forum Planning, Spotlight on Sally Ferris, Leveraging Social Media, Holiday Meeting Memories


November 2015 Read it Now!

October 2015 Constitutional Amendments; Early voting locations; Making Democracy Work Requires Your Involvement; Ruth Falck in the Spotlight; 2016 Primary Election Calendar.

September 2015 LWV CC political but nonpartisan; Women's Equality Day city proclamation and photo; Aug 28 Celebration report; recognizing LWV-CC member Joyce Jarmon.

August 2015 Celebration details. Aug 1 Voter Registration results and registering 18 year old citizens. Sep 22 National Voter Registration Day.

July 2015 Reps Hunter & Herrero and Sen. Hinojosa at July 16 lunch. Sept 22 Voter Registration Day, June Board Retreat, Aug 28 Celebration.

May 2015 May 23 Annual Meeting details, League dues are due, August 28 celebration and request for Silent Auction items.

April 2015 April 16 Water Forum; LWV-CC Officer Nominees for 15-16; Herrero legislation about voter registration; LWV-TX & Online Voter Registration, Volunteers needed for Earth Day/Bay Day in April 11.

March 2015 Talking Points from LWV Texas Lobby Days, LWV-CC Position Statements, Gifts to the Ed Fund, Equality Day set for Friday, March 28.

February 2015 Annika Gunning, PlanCC; Aug 21 set for Equality Day. LWV Lobby Days.

January 2015 Vangie Chapa and Scott Neeley, RTA presentation, Bryan Bode resigns from board - Best of luck in your new career! In Memoriam for Evy Coppola


November 2014 /Nov 18 @ 6pm-Move to Amend; Holiday Gathering 5-7pm 2115 Ayers; Senate Ethics; LWV-TX Lobby Days Feb 23-24; CC open house dates

October 2014 Voter ID Mobile Station; October 16 meeting on elections results and statistics; LWV Texas priorities, interviews and lobby days. Membership renewals needed now

September 2014 LWVUS position on carbon pollution; City propositions; Oct 6 and Oct 15 Candidates Forums.

August 2014 The power of the informed vote; neighborhood associations & LWV-CC; Cole and Ropes Park plan to combat bacteria in CC Bay

Special June 2014 issue. Read about actions taken at the annual meeting. Membership renewal dues are payable on June 1.

May 2014. Be a LWVUS volunteer in Dallas. LWV-CC wins 2 awards. Annual Meeting. Move to Amend.

April 2014. LWV-CC Annual Meeting details. Friend of the League membership category; State and National convention details. LWV-CC Pres. Sandra Heatherley meets with U.S. Rep. Blake Farenthold on Voting Rights legislation.

March 2014 Nominations requested. COG Forum. Take a peek at the www.VOTE411. March 20 Water meeting. May 17 Annual Meeting.

February 2014 Presidential Commission on Election Administration (PCEA) report. LWVUS agriculture update. Feb 20 primary forum.

January 2014 LWV-CC position statements, consensus meeting on human trafficking, Del Mar strategic planning. OPEN BOARD POSITION.


November 2013 Human Trafficking, Summary of local programs (position statements), Destination Bayfront.

October 2013 Human trafficking study, Nov 5 ballot information, Desalination.

September 2013 Photo ID, Constitutional Amendments, March on Washington, YWCA Institute for Public Policy, Celebration reflections.

August 2013. Aug 23 Event at Country Club celebrating Women's Equality Day. Voter registration Sept 24. Child poverty on the rise. Human Trafficking Study.

July 2013 Voter ID Update, New officers and committees, Redistricting, Aug 23 Auction Item request, 2013/2014 LWV-CC goals, President Sandra Heatherley's June 7th Texas State Senate Select Committee testimony.

May 2013 Annual meeting, LWV Texas legislative efforts, draft 2013-2014 budget, nominating committee report, LWV members at RESTORE meetings & CARP meetings.

April 2013 Mayor Nelda Martinez to speak at Annual Meeting; Officer nominees for election; proposed changes to LWV-CC bylaws, April 22 public comment on beach bacteria at Coles & Ropes parks, President's message about 83rd Tx Legislative Session.

March 2013 Violence of suffrage struggle remembered; Education Committee Update; LWV-CC at Lobby Days, Membership Survey on Program Topics.

February 2013 LWV opposition to vouchers; Membership Survey on Program Topics 2013-2014; membership update and application form.

January 2013 Public schools, hydraulic fracturing, legislative interviews, holiday event photos, president Judy's 2012 reflections.


November 2012 Sustainability. Lobby Days in Austin, Let your elected officials know your thoughts on important issues.

October 2012 Let's celebrate voter registration drives anywhere... any time. LWVUS president explains League stance on policy initiatives

September 2012 League Lingo, Voters Guides for Sale, Federal Court decision on ID.

August 2012 Women's Equality Day. 2013 State Conference/Lobby Day planned for Feb 25 and 26 in Austin.

July 2012 Affordable Care Act. Plans to address bacteria in recreational areas.

April 2012. League co-sponsoring Tax Assessor-Collector Forum at Del Mar on April 19. 67th Annual Meeting set for May 18. Rep Todd Hunter and (tentative) State Senator Chry Hinojosa. Candidates Forum April 30.

March 2012. Letter to the Editor - call for redistricting commission; Candidates forum April 30; Past LWV-CC presidents, Lyons, Garcia receive honors; local March 15 lunch location changed; Vote18 project at Collegiate High School.

February2012 Feb 16 meeting to focus on election changes and more Vote 18 introduced at Callen High School; Human Trafficking Symposium notes.

January2012 LWVUS resolutions; Texas voters must show qualified photo ID; Holiday party big success.

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The Voter archives

Be sure to read The Power of the Informed Vote in the August 2014 Voter. (Note: less than 8% of Nueces County registered voters actually voted in the 2012 election!)

August, 2011 Should Water be a Commodity? Update on Las Brisas. 2011 Board Retreat. Redistricting update.

July, 2011 Coastal Bend Regional Water Forum, 66th Annual Meeting report, Redistricting Study Committee.