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Texas Water Resources

Texas Water Resources as a Commodity

A League study of the laws about and management of water in Texas.

State Study

Information about Water Resources at the state level available at

Local Water Study

Board Member Sandra Heatherley chaired a committee of community members interested in the local impact of Water as a Commodity. Water Study Scope 2010

Sample presentations from the study:

Texas Water Law Jay Reining, City of Corpus Christi

Water Marketing David Yoskowitz, Harte Research Institute

Consensus Meeting

Thursday, November 10, 2011. Corpus Christi Central Library. 1pm - 3pm

A meeting of the membership devoted to achieving consensus around the 7 questions developed by the LWV-TX state committee studying the laws and mangement of water in Texas.

The 7 questions were sent to all members in our October VOTER newsletter and the results of the "Facts and Issues" published by the LWV-TX were mailed to all members on August 1, 2011.